MPF Services

Experience: Started in 2004, MPF has grown into a full-line processing and trading company with both retail and foodservice suppliers and customers across the world. Our group of product-wise relationship managers guide customers toward the right products for their specific need, whether fresh, frozen, pork, beef, or poultry related, with a variety of specifications and packaging.

Customers: We work with both buyers and sellers as we recognize supply and demand created by the market. We match customers’ needs to those opportunities.

Supply Options: It is MPF's close and long-standing relationships with a variety of different slaughter and supply companies that give our customers a distinct advantage. We work with both large and small packers to develop unique items, while allowing the customer to private label or brand items. We have accessibility to a full scope of products that our customers may have not otherwise been exposed to.

Market Knowledge: In addition to the ability to source products, our staff understands market information, trends and upcoming opportunities within market fluctuations. We have access to worldwide market data and resources.

Logistics: At MPF, we not only provide product solutions but carry the risk of transactions including transportation, logistics, finance options and document services. We are well-versed in domestic and international shipping, import/export regulations, sanitation, and safety rules. From the time an inbound truck is loaded until finished product leaves the dock, every detail has been attended to so that products arrive on time, safely, reliably and cost efficiently.

MPF Products

Please contact us for current pork, beef and poultry product offerings, as well as custom processing opportunities.

A pig cut in half with different cuts of meat.